Ongoing Campaigns

Affordable democratic energy technology for Liberals, in every possible aspect of all our lives, contributing to a new world practicing peace to push back Climate Crisis.

Getting to the heart of fixes

Building sustainability into feasible policy, better than a hair shirt half won't accept, faces headwinds. War. Migration. Governments in Europe paying a trillion Euros, £50+ Billion in the UK, to support oil and gas since the start of the energy crisis.

We are aiming for Green Lib Dem Campaigns run in threads through every policy you see at Conference.  


See this Glyphospate campaign council motion article by Giles Archibald


Green Liberal Democrats are calling for Councils to adopt the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Councillors, get involved in the campaign here and use this exemplar to guide you in creating your own motion. 


Just imagine that amount spent in older housing on insulation, triple glazing, doors, sealed buildings with heat recovery and ventilation and a heat pump.


Join our Campaigns in any order.

To work!



Air quality and Public Transport 

Affordable homes for a new generation

Every new home zero ready

Healthily feeding everyone

...and Doubling Nature

...and All Rooftops Solar (not on best growing land*)

Economic prosperity in planetary limits

90 Minutes Every City

HS2 for capacity AND Northern Rail

An energy grid to feed electrification

An electric car for life not fashion



Just transition away from gas and oil

Defunding greenwashing lobby

Defunding oil and gas extraction

Water: protection of our first right

*All Rooftops Solar - not on best growing land


Please get in touch when you judge you see something we should push up a busy agenda.