Green Hero - Julia Ewart 


Jules Ewart is the newly elected Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Suffolk Coastal and a long-time Green Hero. She is also a dedicated member of our very own GLD Exec Team.


“Environmental LibDems like me have net zero on our sights – more than can be said for the current Conservative government!”

Julia Ewart
Cllr Julia Ewart - PPC Suffolk Coastal

Elected to the East Suffolk District Council in May 2023 (winning 111% more votes than the Tory candidate!) she is a local champion, however, she is no stranger to fighting for justice, nationally and globally; having attended COP 26 to push for international justice in 2021 and now hoping to win the votes to fight in parliament for our country alongside her Liberal Democrat peers. 

Julia Ewart is a valued member of the Green Liberal Democrat Exec and currently holds a joint role as Vice Chair of Communications. 

Pushing environmentalism and the climate crisis to the forefront of the agenda is a top priority for Julia. She recognises the essential requirement for grass-roots action for a just transition and crucial change whilst also putting pressure on the international community for vital collaboration. 

Picture Right: Cllr Julia Ewart with Cllr Pippa Heylings and Chair of GLD Cllr Keith Melton 
GLD and Julia

She lists some of her top environmental priorities as being: 

  • A halt to outrageous sewage dumping in public waterways and oceans, particularly as a coastal candidate.
  • Advocate for Sizewell C and the mandated renewable power programmes being rolled out swiftly, efficiently and sustainably. 
  • Advocate for legislation that promotes the integration of solar and renewable energy systems in all properties, ensuring that new constructions are designed with future-proofing measures from the outset.

She ran for the same parliamentary seat in the 2019 General Election, despite coming third to Terese Coffey, who won the seat, and Labour.