Pippa Heylings

Cllr Pippa Heylings - Green Hero


Pippa is seeking to beat the Conservatives once and for all in South Cambridgeshire and is a passionate environmental campaigner with an impressive record.  

"I have been working on the interrelated issues of climate change, biodiversity and poverty reduction all of my professional life" 

"Climate change is the defining crisis of our time...Whilst impacts of climate change are already being felt, there are huge gaps between governments’ plans and what is needed to reduce carbon emissions" 

11 December 2023

Global Green Change Catalyst

Pippa is the Liberal Democrat candidate for South Cambridgeshire. She is a key member of the Green Liberal Democrats and Chair of the Climate Change and Environment Advisory Committee on South Cambridgeshire District Council and currently represents the Histon & Impington ward.  

She is also a member of the Lib Dem Natural Environment Policy Working Group which seeks to review Lib Dem working policy at national and international level and update these proposals on a multitude of different issues which face our environment. Read more here.


With a master's degree from Rhodes University, South Africa, Pippa has a distinguished career in
environmental policy formulation, seeking practical solutions to global problems and
acting as a catalyst in their implementation.

"After working as a director of a large NGO I set up my own company which works
with scientists, the UN and government organisations to ensure that
 local voices
are heard and policy decisions are evidence-based, sustainable and practical


Local Action

Pippa has more claim than almost anyone to thinking globally, but she also very much acts locally...

 "Fine words and targets from the Government is not enough. We need to call out the greenwash and push for urgent action now – to decarbonise our homes, our transport, our workplaces – and to restore nature across our towns and villages."

She chairs the Climate Change and Environment Committee of South Cambridgeshire District Council. Pippa made the South Cambridgeshire DC one of the first district Councils to make a zero-carbon pledge. This places the Council next to Oxford City Council as top in UK for taking real budgeted action after recognising the climate emergency.

If elected to the House of Commons Pippa says...

"I have spent my career working around the world to tackle climate change.
I understand the wholesale policy changes needed to avert environmental disaster.
I'll push for a strong green economy and green jobs

Pippa's proven ability to bring people together and find solutions will be an essential skill for the crucial next Parliament.

Pippa holding the Natural Environment Working Policy Paper with Keith Melton (Chair GLD) and Steve Mason (GLD Exec)

Endorsement from Scientists4Pippa

YouTube video

The YouTube video above is a strong indication of Pippa`s great Environmental credentials. This is what "Scientists4Pippa" think of her skills - the speaker is Professor Sir Bob Watson, Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia and former Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - it was the IPCC that warned us all a couple of years ago that we have less than ten years left to try and tackle the Climate Emergency before things get out of control

NB: This Endorsement was for the 2019 General Election

Making Change Happen

We can't think of anyone better able to make environmental change happen in Parliament so we'll be doing all we can to help make that happen. Will you join us?

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