James Collis - Green Hero 

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Broxtowe 


“The energy transition is happening, and the faster it happens, the better our collective chances for a liveable world - we need to prioritise."



“Carbon pricing is the single most effective policy tool - experts overwhelmingly agree. Carbon pricing can address cost of living, climate and EU alignment - it's’ really very Liberal."

James Collis

Climate Policy Champion

James has dedicated a huge part of his life to fighting for the implementation of impactful and valuable Climate Policy, alongside his great passion for European collaboration. 

James has volunteered on carbon pricing advocacy since 2015 and in 2019 co-founded and became chair for Citizens’ Climate Europe. The organisation trains citizens to exercise their democratic rights and advocate for effective climate policy. The organisation believes in building non-partisan relationships to achieve political consensus. After 100’s of meetings between citizen volunteers and legislators across Europe, all the main components of effective carbon pricing are now included in the EU Green Deal. As a testament to James’ leadership and contribution, in May 2023 he was appointed to the EU Climate Change Expert Group for ETS2 Implementation (ETS2 is carbon pricing).

To have had this sort of impression on European policy is what undeniably earns James Collis the title of Green Hero and shows the sort of dedication he would bring to the residents of Broxtowe if he were to represent them in Parliament, and the citizens of the UK and the world in fighting for strong climate policy implementation. 

Pictured Above: James on Portuguese TV “How Climate Policy Can Make People Better Off”


"Now the EU legislation is on track to cut emissions over the next decade the focus of our work is with individual national governments on their implementation options. In the EU work is increasingly with other NGOs on joint efforts to inform and influence national policy."

"In this context the UK has much the same options as most European countries, though the UK has some advantages in terms of geography, pre-existing laws like the carbon floor price and ironically additional flexibility following brexit!”

Liberal support for this type of carbon pricing policy is visible from the Young Liberal Democrats described as “A Progressive Carbon Tax” in their Policy Book from 2021. There is an updated European Young Liberal (LYMEC) policy “6.11 The Adoption of C02 Taxes and Tariffs by the EU” in their 2024 Policy Book that shows further support.



James recently wrote an article on "Climate Income - How powerful climate policy can address the cost of living” [link] for the Green lib Dem Challenge magazine and will be presenting a session on "Carbon pricing - how to get public and political support” at the upcoming Green Lib Dem conference in Nottingham https://www.greenlibdems.org.uk/news/article/climate-income-how-powerful-climate-policy-can-address-the-cost-of-living


For more about James and Citizens' Climate Europe:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-collis-030873/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamescollis33 


Web: https://www.citizensclimateeurope.org/

EU Transparency Register: 111734132634-17


Making Change Happen

James Collis is a key member of the Liberal Democrats team which can, together, make environmental change happen in Parliament, so we'll be doing all we can to help get him elected. Will you join us?

For more Green Heroes go to the Green Heroes front page here >>> https://greenlibdems.org.uk/en/page/green-heroes

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